(TUPE Transfers)

We can help you through the process of managing TUPE transfers. Whether you are selling part of your business, merging, outsourcing services or winning or losing contracts, you could need to follow the complexities of TUPE transfer as a legal requirement.

In these instances, there is a wealth of complex regulations to be worked through to ensure, not only that you follow the legal requirements expected of you as an employer, but also to provide for a seamless transfer of business when dealing with your customers. It’s about having a clear and transparent process for employees in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We can:

  • Plan out all aspects of the TUPE transfer
  • Co-ordinate the process of TUPE consultation to ensure you don’t get claims for failure to consult
  • Help you understand the TUPE regulations and how these may impact on what change you are looking to carry out.
  • Assist or lead consultations with staff who are transferring in or out of the business or being made redundant
  • Advise on change management aspects effectively to help ensure there is as smooth a transition as possible