Why we need to talk more about menopause in the workplace

The menopause is a natural part of aging that will happen to every female at some point during their life. It can cause different physical and emotional symptoms depending on the individual and can last for varying lengths of time – years in some cases.

While some women may breeze through the menopause with little or no symptoms, others experience symptoms that have a massive impact on their everyday life. Generally, these women suffer in silence, coping with their symptoms alone.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace – is there more we can be doing?

Over half our lives are spent at work and much has improved in recent years to give us a better work/life balance. Technology has also moved on, offering us the opportunity to work whenever and wherever we like.

But this isn’t all good news. Where once there was a clear definition between when you should and shouldn’t be expected to respond to emails or phone calls, now it seems there are no rules, or at least no consistency. Policies regarding working overtime or flexibly vary massively depending on the organisation or industry and increasingly employees are left unsure of what is expected of them, leading to anxiety and stress.

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Workplace conflict

Workplace mediation – why and when is it needed?

Workplace conflict is inevitable at some point, regardless of how well a business is run. Communication is both the cause of and the remedy for conflict. Understanding how to effectively communicate and resolve disputes can lead to happier, more productive employees in the workplace.

It could be argued that a small amount of conflict in an organisation can be seen to be healthy as it allows individuals and their teams to hold healthy debates which could be instrumental in driving a business forward, creating a good energy in the workplace.

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Change Management

Are you ready for a change in your business?

There is a saying that there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. I would argue that there is a third – change.

No matter how big or small your business is, you will encounter change as part of your business journey. How you deal with or manage this change could really impact your business going forward. An organisation needs to evolve and adapt to stay in business, which means change is unavoidable, whether that is a staff re-structure, acquisition of a new business, or a new shift system being implemented.

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How to make sure Christmas doesn’t turn into a HR nightmare

Christmas party season is almost upon us. In fact, I know of some that are taking place in the next week!

The sentiment behind work Christmas parties is a positive one – celebrating the end of a hard-working year with our work families, the people we see every day and spend the most time with. It’s also a great opportunity to thank your team and reward them with bonuses and gifts or even Employee of The Year-style awards.

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